Attaining a positive ACS skill assessment for the ICT Quality Assurance Engineer 263211 occupation is a must to migrate to Australia to work in this occupation. For that, you must assure ACS (the Australian Computer Society) that you have the required qualifications and skills to fulfill the roles and responsibilities related to this occupation. In other words, show your IT work experience, knowledge and skills in a way that you sound competent to work in Australia.

So, let’s know the required skills and qualifications you need to have.

Required skills:

The necessary skills you need to possess to work as an ICT quality assurance engineer 263211 are not only strong interpersonal abilities but also a clear understanding of ethical procedures of quality assurance. Therefore, you, for the designation of a quality assurance engineer, must have the following skills:

  • A passion for perfection
  • An expertise in the principles of engineering
  • Awareness of the ISO standards and ICT software policies
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • The ability to investigate
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of software development processes

Required qualifications:

To be eligible for the nomination for this occupation, you need to possess a bachelor’s or higher qualification in the related field for an ACS IT skill assessment. This qualification includes subjects like quality control, facilities planning, operation research, design and simulation. 

A work experience in the same field for at least 5 years or a vendor certificate can also be used for formal education.

Roles and responsibilities:

The ANZSCO code information has examples of quality assurance engineer roles and responsibilities that an applicant can use to ensure that they have the relevant work experience, which will allow them to apply for this occupation. The role of the quality assurance engineer consists of the following:

  1. The professional needs to define the criteria of product acceptance with the consent of the development team.
  2. They create the quality management policy that the development needs to adhere to.
  3. The engineer developers and executes test case scenarios and develops the test plan.
  4. They identify and document the record of tracking bugs in the product.
  5. These professionals offer timely feedback to the development team by reviewing the requirement specification and technical designs.
  6. The engineer performs audits from time to time to ensure that the system confirms the criteria and is effectively fulfilling all quality goals.
  7. They apply software testing skills and procedures to test the system against quality criteria.
  8. The professional finds the issues behind the dips in the quality of a product and thus finds the appropriate solution to deal with the problem.
  9. They define a target for Quality Control and make sure that these targets are maintained by reviewing them on a periodic basis.
  10. The professional identifies the risks that may come up in the process of fulfilling the quality standards.
  11. They fulfill and analyze the technical issues that may come up in the installation, maintenance, repair or configuration of the system including hardware such as desktops, printers and so on and software programs such as databases, operating systems, email, internet and so on.

You must assure ACS that you can fulfill these tasks to win a positive ACS Migration skills assessment.

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